Look at Life - Driving Test 1959

A video from The Rank Organisation dated December 1959 looking at the driving test at the time:

Hazard Perception Test - CGI Improvements

Early in 2015 the quality of the videos used in the Hazard Perception Test will be enhanced by using GCI graphics. Take a look a this video which explains in more detail:

Show me tell me - new videos

Here are five short videos from the DVSA about checking your car

Hazard perception guide

Watch this useful guide to the hazard perception test:

Theory test guide - official video

Hazard perception information is at around 2 minutes 35 seconds in.

Emergency vehicles: blue lights

The first time it happens is always a surprise - this video is an excellent guide to dealing with blue lights.

More blue light videos:

Responding to Emergency Vehicles

Blue light run unmarked emergency service vehicle


Door mirrors - why bother? (part 2)

More motorcycling tight squeezes


Independent driving - a spoof

Independent driving was introduced to the driving test in October 2010. For this, the candidate has to follow signs, instead of being given specific directions by the examiner. At the time, there was a lot of worry and uncertainty. This video helped dispel some of that...

Cyclist's tricks video

Amazing cycling skills. If you haven't seen this, watch out for the oblivious passers by ...

Door mirrors - why bother?

He could be filtering past you! Oh yes, and just listen to that engine - it's like music to the ear :)

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